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Green cleaning involves using green or environmentally preferred products and practices to clean your facility. Our green cleaning is much more than using "green" cleaning products. We have developed a complete green cleaning system to help you maintain a healthy building.


Green cleaning is not only good for the environment; it inceases workplace health and safety. A green cleaning program helps to improve indoor air quality, which, in turn, leads to fewer employee sick days and higher productivity. 

What is Green Cleaning?

The Advantages of Going Green:

Improved indoor air quality. A healthier indoor environment will lead to increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.


Using green products and practices. The use of less hazardous cleaning chemicals, proper chemical storage, use and disposal, lessens the likelihood of accidents, fires, spills and explosions.


Financial benefits. Green cleaning focuses on keeping the dirt and soil out, and preventive maintenance. This leads to lower cleaning and maintenance costs.


Happier building occupants. Employees like to work in buildings where the owners and manangers show concern for their health and well-being.


Increased building value. By implementing green features such as energy efficient lighting and non toxic cleaners, you can increase your building's value.

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