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Point of Contact Disinfecting

"Point of Contact Disinfecting” is a program specifically designed to eliminate germs and bacteria from common contract points. It is also designed to prevent and control surface cross contamination. This can be achieved for example, by disinfecting (using Ecologo Certified Disinfectants) the following sample surfaces on a routine basis:

Computer Keywords

Desk Phones

Washroom Faucet Handles, Partition Handles, Flash Valves

Microwave Door Handles

Refrigerator Door Handles

Water Fountain Handles

Elevator Buttons

Vending Machine Buttons

Door Handles

We think that it is important for our professional cleaning staff to be familiar with some of the most common and highly transmittable and infectious germs in public spaces. This allows us to implement prevention and control protocols designed to protect your staff against these common germs:

Methicillin-resistant Staphylocoocus aureus (MRSA)

- Can infect any human part or organ

- Resistant to many antibiotics


- Causes the stomach flu

- Most common cause of viral

gastroenteritis in humans


- Causes the flu


- Predominant cause of the common cold

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